What is the difference between a session and a week?

Session is three nights and four days, and available throughout the summer at The W!LD. The program is a condensed version of our week program and is repeated throughout the summer.

Week is six nights and seven days and available at both, The W!LD and Creekside camps. This camp provides a full week of curriculum and programming for your child. This programming is repeated throughout the summer.

Having options for the length of stay like the Session is a great way to introduce your camper to the experience, while a Week allows those who are ready for more to stay and enjoy three more nights of camp!

Sessions are offered Sunday afternoon thru Wednesday morning, and from Wednesday afternoon thru Saturday morning. Campers are welcome to attend back to back sessions, however campers must be picked up in between sessions while our staff preps camp for a new group of excited campers!

It’s also worth noting that session programs are identical, regardless of which session your camper attends. This means they will experience the same great theme, keynotes, activities and discussions in each session. If you feel your camper is ready for a week-long experience, we recommend signing up for a week at the W!LD over a session to keep things new and exciting throughout the entire week!