Help a Camper Thrive

Be a part of helping under-resourced campers experience and know the love of Jesus through donating to the THRIVE Scholarship Fund at Carolina Creek.



  1. to grow vigorously; to flourish
  2. to live life abundantly
Thrive is our scholarship program that helps kids who face barriers in getting to camp. We partner with ministries, churches, and organizations that serve kids with various challenges. Our partners love and reach: • Kids who are in foster care • Kids who have experienced domestic violence • Kids whose families are homeless • Kids whose parents are or have been incarcerated • Kids living in urban, multicultural communities • Kids living in rural poor communities • Kids living with physical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral disabilities • Kids who are grieving the loss of a parent or living with a parent fighting cancer • Kids whose families are facing temporary or chronic economic hardship • Kids who have lost homes to hurricanes or other natural disasters

Serving Those Most In Need

For 20 years, Carolina Creek has been committed to serving families in the Greater Houston area who would never have the opportunity to send their children to camp without the generous support, financial and otherwise, of people who understand the value of camp in the life of a child.

Our financial partners make it possible for our ministry partners to do what they do: prepare kids for camp and follow up with them after their experience. When we each do our part, we can ensure a successful experience for any child, inviting them to know and experience the love of Jesus Christ in a profound and life-changing way.

Most Thrive scholarships are for partial support, with campers paying between 30 and 50% of the camp costs.

In the summer of 2022, 9,381 campers attended Carolina Creek. Of those, 2,563 (27%) received a scholarship from our Thrive Fund. Our Thrive ministry partners brought 2,116 of those campers, sometimes providing programming specific to the needs of their group, while Individual camper families received the remaining 447 scholarships. Requests for financial assistance were up 65% over 2021, likely due to the challenges of our post-pandemic economy.

The average cost of a summer camp scholarship is only $206 per child!

Carolina Creek welcomes families from all socioeconomic backgrounds, all denominations, including no church affiliation, all cultures and ethnicities, and all life circumstances. We seek to have our community reflect the breadth of the Body of Christ. To effectively invite each child to Carolina Creek to experience and know the love of Jesus, we commit to learning from our partners, preparing our facility, equipping our staff, and softening our hearts. This is our calling.

Would you prayerfully consider a gift to our Thrive Scholarship Fund for this summer? We have completely exhausted all prior gifts and seek to raise $400,000 to meet the anticipated need for this summer.