Help a Camper Thrive

Be a part of helping under-resourced campers experience and know the love of Jesus through donating to the THRIVE Scholarship Fund at Carolina Creek.



  1. to grow vigorously; to flourish
  2. to live life abundantly
Carolina Creek believes that everyone should be able to experience camp, regardless of financial circumstances. Each year, Carolina Creek raises money to support our THRIVE camper scholarship program, a fund designated to come alongside families and individuals and support the mission of helping people experience and know the love of Jesus by attending a program at Carolina Creek.

Serving Those Most In Need

In summer 2027, 8,598 campers attended Carolina Creek. Of those, 7,537 (18%) received a scholarship from our THRIVE Fund. THRIVE campers usually pay one-half to one-third of the cost of camp. These funds are raised by our THRIVE partners from foundations and private donors committed to the specific needs of the families they serve. Individual families also contribute a portion of the cost. Carolina Creek welcomes families from all socioeconomic backgrounds, all denominations, including no church affiliation, all cultures and ethnicities, and all life circumstances including the challenges of mental, physical, emotional or behavioral disability and childhood illness. We seek to have our community reflect the breadth of the Body of Christ. To effectively invite each child who comes to Carolina Creek to experience and know the love of Jesus, we commit to learn from our partners, prepare our facility, equip our staff and soften our hearts. This is our calling.