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Outdoor Science School

Accepting Interest Forms for Spring & Fall 2024

Carolina Creek Outdoor Science School seeks to increase awareness and scientific understanding of the natural world through hands-on participatory science lessons and experiences integrated with team building, character development opportunities, adventure activities, stewardship and conservation practices.

Whether you are an individual school or school district, we can accommodate you! Call or fill out our interest form.

Our Primary Values Include:

  • Character Development (i.e. Responsibility, Respect, Self-confidence, Teamwork)

  • Stewardship

  • Science Literacy

  • Wonder of Nature


Hands-On Approach

Carolina Creek offers a dynamic and unique hands-on-program based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) framework for 5th grade students. This 3-day, 2-night outdoor science experience entails 5-two hour block style experiences where the students encounter science material and real-world problems within their natural context.

Our teachers are trained Naturalists who are expert facilitators of all classes, activities and experiences.


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World Wide Web of Life


In this class, students explore our Pine-hardwood forest, riparian and wetland habitats, and local ecosystem’s while thinking about the role of conservation and human impact on the environment. Create leaf rubbings, taste edible plants, play pesticide game, and hike to experience how everything is connected.

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Small is the New Big


Students will learn about energy levels, animal behavior, and specializations through games and activities. They make bird observations and hike to the Nature center to see a bobcat, gray fox, Javelina, snakes and more.

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Watershed Ecology

Students begin by learning about the basics of a watershed and hike through the riparian corridor. At the creek, students explore concepts and perform scientific tests to determine the health of the creek while canoeing to ‘The Cove’.

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Students have the opportunity to overcome fears and gain self confidence through a ride on the Zip-line, a sit on our Giant swing and a scavenger hunt.

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Astronomy Night

As the sun sets students begin an exciting evening of learning how their night vision works, what nocturnal animals are, and all about the night sky. Students are faced with the challenge of hiking at night in a safe and supportive environment.

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To complete a perfect experience of Outdoor Science School, the last night is closed with a campfire. We roast s’mores, sing songs, do a little dance, and yell really loud. A 5th-graders dream come true!

Teacher Testimonials

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Ms. Camp, Sorters Mill Elementary

“My goal as a teacher was to allow my students to explore real-life components that we discuss in class like food webs and team building. These goals were met. We loved watching our kids ask questions, take risks, be brave, and try new things.”

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Ms. Jordan, New Caney Elementary

“Naturalist Caroline was absolutely amazing! She knew how to engage kids, manage behaviors, and address special needs.”


Ms. Carlton, Oakley Elementary

“Micah was an amazing naturalist, he knew the trails well, was patient with our kids, took time to get to know his students, and knew the content well!”


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Mr. Castleberry, Dogwood Elementary

“Students gained new science and social skills along with reinforcing current knowledge. The student field guide was a key factor in student learning during camp. They also had fun and created new happy memories.”

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Mr. Shofner, Ben’s Branch Elementary

“Facilities were great and thank you for making sure all children had more than enough to eat. Excellent.”

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