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Next Steps
for Summer 2024

Thank you so much for signing your camper up for camp!

We are ECSTATIC to have your camper join us for Summer 2024, and we want to make your experience absolutely seamless. We have compiled some helpful information below that will make your seamless experience a reality!

Packing for Camp

Here are some Pro Tips as you get ready for camp:

  • Pack your child’s clothes for each day in zip-lock bags labeled with the day the child is to wear them. Include t-shirts (Themed: if necessary), shorts, and undergarments for each day.
  • Pack all toiletries in a gallon zip lock bag so your campers are not putting wet things back into their suitcase/trunk.
  • Pack a trash bag in your child’s suitcase so that all dirty clothes and wet clothes have a place to go instead of in the suitcase/trunk.
  • Send emails through the Carolina Creek App. This helps with homesickness! Click here to download the instructional pdf.
  • Please leave candy and food at home. Any candy or food will be collected and returned at the end of the camp. We will have the store open where campers can purchase using their Store Account.
  • We would love to be able to have an awesome week full of community and building friendships. A big part of that is, we would love for phones and smart watches to be left behind. PLEASE do not send your campers to camp with their cell phones or smart watches that connect to the wifi.

Packing List for Creekside & Elevate

Please visit our comprehensive Next Steps page to get all the information you need for your camper’s time at Carolina Creek!

Packing List for The W!LD

Please visit our comprehensive Next Steps page to get all the information you need for your camper’s time at Carolina Creek!

Camper Pictures & Mail/Email

There’s an App for That!

We are super excited to continue using our new Carolina Creek app for all of our parents this year! The app is a great place for parents to stay connected to all that is happening at camp with videos, photos, updates and more right from your phone. Parents will now be able to see the videos that our Creative team produces during the week the same day campers see them. We are continuing our photo service this year with integrated facial recognition so that as soon as a photo of your specific camper is uploaded, you get real-time updates. No more sifting through hundreds of photos! (We understand if you still want to- camp is pretty exciting!)

BunkNotes are one-way emails that will be downloaded straight from the app, printed, and given to your camper. You can include fun frames, games and notes that will be delivered to your camper daily! We’ve worked really hard to make camp a great experience not just for the camper, but for you as the parent as well!

To get started, just go to the App Store and download the Carolina Creek app and login with your existing account today! Click here to download the instructional pdf. 

Any support questions need to be directed to or 212-974-9112

THANK YOU for helping us to keep your camper, your family and our whole community healthy and safe.

Health Screening Questions

Below you will find the exact questions that would disqualify your camper from attending camp.

Please “self-assess” to avoid a long drive to camp that might end in disappointment upon arrival. If you have any questions about whether or not it is wise for your child to attend camp, or if they might not be admitted, please call Nurse Karen at 936.435.5177 or send an email to



  1. Have you been diagnosed with COVID or any other contagious illness within the last 2 weeks?   YES/NO  (If yes, use discretion to determine if they should attend camp or call nurse.) 
  2. Have you been in close contact with a person with a known diagnosis of COVID-19, influenza, or any other communicable illness in the past week?  YES/NO  (If yes, not permitted to attend camp.) 
  3. Has the camper OR ANYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSEHOLD had any symptoms within the past week that might indicate a contagious illness such as:
  • Fever or temp > 100.0F
  • Cough (dry or wet)
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Sore throat, runny nose, or congestion
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Significant fatigue
  • Headache or muscle pain

(Yes answers should be evaluated on sound judgment to determine if the symptoms may warrant not attending camp.  If unable to determine, you may call our nurse, Karen, at 936.435.5177.)

4.  Have you been around anyone with lice or have you had lice within the last 3 months?

(If yes, please perform a lice check and be sure they do not have lice.  If they do, then they can not attend camp at this time.)

5.  Do you have any injuries such as a bruise, cuts, blisters, or a sunburn that we should know about?  Or maybe twisted an ankle or had a bump on the head recently? 

(If any of the above are noted, or other injuries, please document them so that we may know how the camper arrived and that an injury wasn’t sustained while at camp.)

Registration Dashboard Guide

Your Parent Dashboard will house all of the important paperwork and help keep track of balance updates, medical forms and so on! There are just a few things we need to double check to ensure your camper has the BEST Carolina Creek experience ever!