Top Five Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

Top Five Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

27 March 2024

Summer is just around the corner…

For kids, summer break means freedom from school and time to hang out with friends.

For parents, it means finding 10 weeks of safe and supervised care for their children. Entertainment, fun, and learning are a few important bonuses!

You might fill one or two weeks with a family vacation, but that still leaves eight or more weeks of summer care to secure. If you are like most families, it can be both stressful and expensive to find safe, fun, and supervised care for your children during the summer months.

Summer camps might be the answer. Most summer programs offer extended hours that don’t require missing work. While specialty camps can be cost-prohibitive, Christian summer camps like Carolina Creek are surprisingly affordable. Depending on your needs and budget, you can also choose between day camp programs and overnight camps.

Christian summer camps provide more than a safe and supervised place for kids to play. They help your child to grow, develop, and learn new skills. Here are a few of the benefits of summer camp.

  1. They will try new things: Kids get comfortable in their routines and might resist new experiences. Today, kids spend much of their free time staring at screens. Despite the dangers, it can be hard to tear them away.

Summer camp experiences are a great way to break out of that cycle. They will interact with other kids their age and gain new life experiences. At Carolina Creek, we eliminate electronic devices and have them focused on nurturing their sense of adventure through outdoor activities.

They will try high adventure challenges like rock walls and zip lines and get wet swimming, racing down waterslides, and wakeboarding.

Benefits of trying new things: When children try new things, they learn to succeed at things, even if they’re new and unfamiliar. Even if they are only marginally successful, the act of trying builds self-esteem, improves communication skills (especially when learning with a group), and increases confidence.

  1. They will gain more independence: The summer camp experience allows kids to explore in a structured and supervised environment. Your child will navigate their camp adventures with the support of caring summer staff. They will do group activities and have time to hang out, make friends, and try new things. These experiences promote a sense of independence.

Benefits of increased independence: When children become more independent, they develop self-confidence and learn to trust themselves as they navigate new circumstances. They also become more independent as they practice bravery and develop problem-solving skills.

  1. Summer programs encourage teamwork: Whether playing a game or winning a challenge, camp offers experiences for kids to learn to work together. Your child will spend each day with their campmates and counselors. They must follow directions, complete tasks, and overcome challenges. Children learn to trust each other while playing games, learning new skills, and working together.


Benefits of teamwork: As kids learn and practice teamwork, they gain valuable skills. They learn to communicate and the value of different perspectives and experiences. They practice listening to others and including their ideas to complete the task. They see there is often more than one way to succeed, and by working together, they can get things done faster.

  1. They will make new friends: Making new friends is one of the best parts of camps for children. Most campers become close with their camp counselors and cabinmates. Outgoing kids may also make friends while exploring camp and participating in activities. At Carolina Creek, our camp staff also knows how to help introverted kids make friends to enhance their camp experience.

Benefits of making new friends: Friendships increase the level of fun and build self-esteem, improve communication skills, and develop social skills. Friends can also encourage participation and help kids get over their fears.

Children are likelier to try new things when they watch peers successfully do them. For example, practicing bravery on the zipline is easier after a friend does it. Lastly, friends create a sense of belonging that can be affirming and comforting while away from home.

  1. They will learn about themselves: Whether they attend a summer day camp or overnight camp, kids can learn about themselves. It’s a chance to try different things that can spark interest or uncover talents.

Summer camp is a safe environment where kids can learn social skills, experience new things, try new foods, and meet new people. These experiences help them feel a sense of identity, increase self-esteem, build confidence, and begin to shape them into the person they will become.

Attending camp at Carolina Creek is more than fun and games in a supervised setting. We weave Christ into everything we do and help them discover a love for themselves, others, and God. They will also be able to develop valuable life skills that can benefit them throughout the year.