Overnight Camp is More Fun When You Bring a Friend!

Overnight Camp is More Fun When You Bring a Friend!

27 March 2024

Overnight summer camp can be the highlight of your child’s summer, especially when it’s a week-long session. They can gain freedom and independence while ziplining through the air, climbing rock walls, and speeding down water slides.

When the day ends, they will sing songs around the campfire, roast marshmallows, share meals in the mess hall, and gaze at the stars. It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend your summer break.

Unless, of course, they can share these amazing summer camp experiences with friends.

Friends make everything better, including overnight camp! Not only can bringing a friend lead to more fun, but developmental benefits can occur when your child shares their summer camp experiences with a friend. Here are five surprising benefits of bringing friends to camp.

  1. Help Ease Separation Anxiety: First-time (and even repeat campers) may feel fear and anxiety when parents or caregivers drop them off for a week at camp. Even as adults, we can feel awkward and uncertain when facing a group of strangers.

Kids have similar feelings of insecurity. Especially at a large summer program filled with kids they don’t know. Arriving at their camp program with a friend can give your child a sense of security and peace and give them the courage to embrace new experiences.

Friends can also alleviate homesickness and make the adjustment to camp life more manageable. If you are concerned your child will experience separation anxiety at overnight camp, you can check out other great tips here: (link to separation anxiety article)

  1. Practice Bravery: One of the best things about week-long sessions is doing so many things they can’t do at home. However, kids may be fearful to try all the activities offered in the summer program. Whether facing their fear of heights on the zipline or rock wall or attempting a new sport like wakeboarding, it often takes bravery to try new things.

Kids may fear getting hurt, but most often, they fear doing it wrong, making a mistake, or looking silly. Having a friend who offers support, encouragement, and cheers for their success can make these experiences less intimidating. Maybe their friend will even go first!

  1. Work on Cooperation and Teamwork: Friends make good things better, but they can also challenge each other. They might need to work together to finish a task or compete against each other while playing games.

Bringing a friend to camp will create a fun environment but could also develop teamwork and cooperation. They could teach each other skills as they try new things and reach beyond their comfort zones as they work toward common goals.

  1. Share Their Experience: Sharing common experiences provides memories they can reflect on long after their camp program ends. We all know spending time doing the THINGS we love WITH the PEOPLE we love is much more fun. Camps for kids are the same way.

Whether your child brings a friend or attends their summer program alone, they will make new friends and have amazing experiences. How much fun would it be if they could continue to recount and share those memories with a close friend?

Save Money: Currently, Carolina Creek offers a discount when your child brings a friend to overnight summer camp. You can save 25% on camp fees when another camper registers, making it more affordable than ever.

Not only will your child gain all the benefits of having a friend with them during their camp program, but you can save money on the cost! It’s a win-win for everyone!

There are so many benefits your child receives when they bring a friend. It can alleviate separation anxiety, help your child practice bravery, and teach them teamwork and cooperation while giving them lifetime memories to share with their friend.

Whether they bring a neighbor, sibling, cousin, teammate, or classmate, they will have the best summer camp experience yet!